Prince Charles has allegedly disowned his youngest son, Prince Harry amid their ongoing feud.

In its July 26 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Charles has finally had it with the Duke of Sussex. After all, Prince Harry recently claimed that his dad cut him off after he and Meghan Markle quit The Firm two years ago.

However, a source for the future king denied Prince Harry’s allegations by saying that Prince Charles supported the Sussexes even when they were already in the United State.

Now, a source for the tabloid is claiming that Prince Charles also decided to cut Prince Harry and Markle out of his $150 million will. After all, they are no longer considered as senior working royals.

And since Prince Harry and Markle have tried their hardest to cut ties with the royal family, Prince Charles allegedly felt that it’s just right for him to cut them off for good.

“Charles is throwing Harry and Meghan to the wolves – and it seems he has the queen’s blessing. Harry is a total royal outsider now but he brought it on himself by allowing Meghan to take over his life. The royals feel it’s impossible to trust him after the way he publicly trashed the family,” the source said.

The insider added that it was evident Prince Charles doesn’t want to have anything to do with Prince Harry when he left London before the latter arrived.

According to the source, the heir to the throne stayed in Birkhall throughout the duration of Prince Harry’s visit to the United Kingdom because he didn’t want to cross paths with him.

“Charles doesn’t want to see or talk to Harry. He’s outraged their personal conversations were leaked and broadcast on TV by Meghan’s close pal, Gayle King,” the source said.

To add insult to injury, Prince Charles still can’t get over Prince Harry’s cruel digs. So, he felt that the best way to get back at him is if he just cuts him off financially and for good.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Even though Prince Charles and Prince Harry are at odds with each other, the former hasn’t cut the latter off from his will.

It is also important to note that Prince Charles’ will remains private. So, no one knows for sure how much money he will be leaving to his loved ones.