One outlet is asserting that Whoopi Goldberg is secretly suffering from many health problems.

Goldberg, who’s been one of the hosts of The View, has been absent in the talk show for a week. When she returned, she revealed that her sciatica caused her intense pain in the back and legs. She recalled how she struggled to move her leg, calling it “really horrible.”

“I’m telling you, it’s like a bad boyfriend. It’s like a bad boyfriend who came back to mess with me,” Goldberg joked as she shared the reason why she was absent.

Now, one publication is claiming that the TV personality has been dealing with numerous ailments and her current condition is “not a laughing matter.” Per a report from Globe, Goldberg is allegedly on the verge of collapse due to her health problems.

“She likes to joke this aging thing is a b*tch, but when the cameras go off it shows in her face that she’s hurting,” an unnamed source of the outlet said.

The insider added that Goldberg was relying on her walker and take-out meals because she can’t go to the kitchen to make her own food. Then, the tabloid included in the narrative that she suffered from pneumonia and sepsis just a few months ago.

Allegedly, her friends were now worried that she may collapse from “stroke, heart attack or worse.” The source wrapped up its claim by saying that Goldberg was stubborn as she doesn’t listen to anyone and ignore their advice to cut down her workload.

“There are times when she hates her job — but she won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her quit!”

The question now is whether or not Goldberg is really suffering from “many health problems.” While it is true that she suffered from pneumonia, she has already recovered from that. Also, the TV personality has been open about her sciatica and admitted that using a walker helped her a lot.

Golberg already said that she’s better now and happy she’s back on The View. Even though sciatica brings new challenges to her everyday life, she insisted that she’s fine and doing well now. As opposed to the outlet’s claim, she’s not on the verge of collapse due to a lot of ailments.

Unlike the tabloid’s claim that Goldberg was stubborn to cut down her workload and doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice, the TV personality herself confirmed that she reduced some stuff she normally does to have more time to rest.