One tabloid publication has previously reported that Britney Spears is trying to gain weight to conceive a child with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Spears’s name can be seen on numerous news outlets over the past few weeks as she continues her battle against her 13-year-old conservatorship. But, one tabloid specifically claimed that the singer wants it to end because she was planning to have a baby with Asghari.

Per a report from National Enquirer, Spears was allegedly making efforts to gain more weight before getting pregnant. The outlet asserted that the pop star has decided to cut off her diet in order to bear a child with her boyfriend.

“This is the first time in longer than anyone can remember that Britney’s decided to give herself a break and stop calorie-counting,” an unnamed source told the publication.

The insider added that Spears has been doing her homework after she was informed that her chances of conceiving increase if she gains a few pounds. Asghari, on the other hand, was allegedly supportive of the idea of his girlfriend gaining weight.

In addition, the singer was said to be worried that her “biological clock is running out” if she wouldn’t get pregnant now. The source even asserted that she’s very focused on having a baby with her boyfriend and that she’s “crazy about the guy.”

Now, the biggest question is whether or not Spears is trying to get pregnant that’s why she wanted to gain weight. This claim was published before the singer revealed that her conservators have her IUD implanted so she would not get pregnant.

“I was told … I’m not able to get married or have a baby,” Spears said in her 24-minute speech in court. “I wanted to take the IUD out, so I could start trying to have another baby, but … they don’t want me to have … any more children.”

Thus, it is very unlikely for the singer to try to conceive a child with Asghari, given that she’s aware of her current situation. As mentioned, this claim came out before that explosive revelation, making the narrative suspicious and questionable.

Also, Spears seemed to be more focused on her battle against her conservatorship at the moment. While she already said her desire of having kids, getting pregnant may not be her top priority at the moment. After all, she’s been recently granted by an LA judge to hire her own lawyer.