WARNING! Spoilers from Never Have I Ever season 2 finale coming ahead.

Never Have I Ever recently returned with its second season on Netflix. The coming of age comedy-drama explored the complicated love triangle between Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), and Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison).

Never Have I Ever season 2 concluded with Devi choosing the popular jock Paxton over her former nemesis Ben. The complicated love triangle has come to an end after Ramakrishnan’s character simultaneously dated the two guys in secret throughout the season.

Devi and Paxton don’t have something romantic. but they eventually fell for each other after she tutored him. They made their relationship official at the end of the second season, leaving Ben confused and angry. This is something that could be explored in the potential season 3.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Ramakrishnan revealed that that’s not the end for Devi and Ben. Lewison also believes that it’s not really over between the two, pointing out that there are still a lot of things to explore in the third installment.

Particularly, the potential season 3 of Never Have I Ever could see Ben grappling with Devi and Paxton’s relationship while navigating his own relationship with Aneesa Qureshi (Megan Suri). Based on what transpired in the season 2 finale, there is so much more to explore in the story.

"I think that we have no idea how Ben is going to handle this," Lewison added.

Meanwhile, Paxton may have a larger role in the next chapter, as well. According to Barnet, his character may feel more territorial now that he has a girlfriend. However, he also noted that there’s still so much to weigh in on in terms of Ben and Devi being compatible with each other.

Through most of the narrative, Devi has been caught in the middle of the complicated love triangle. So, when asked which team – Team Paxton or Team Ben – she’s rooting for, the actress said she’s really rooting for her character, Team Devi.

"I think in this Team Ben, Team Paxton situation, the best team is Team Devi," Ramakrishnan explained. "It is a love triangle. Tri, meaning three, a.k.a. or triangle. She is the best point."

Never Have I Ever is created by Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling. The series debuted on Netflix in April 2020. It follows Indian-American teenager Devi dealing with the death of her father and navigating the ups and downs of high school life.