Prince William was accused of cheating on Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury last year. And some royal fans noticed that the reports about the alleged infidelity did not last very long.

The Daily Beast revealed that at least one British publication received a legal warning after publishing details about Prince William’s cheating rumor. Prince William and Middleton’s lawyers, Harbottle and Lewis delivered the letter accusing the outlet of publishing false and highly damaging allegations.

Royal editor for The Sun, Duncan Larcombe said that it is unusual for legal action to be taken. The motto, after all, is, never complain and never explain.

However, some royal fans are convinced that Prince William used taxpayer money to pay for the cost of his lawyers.

“Remember when #PrinceWilliam used taxpayer money to do away with his cheating? Remember when he had his lawyers target British tabloids? Remember when the public didn’t care until they saw a certain hashtag trend?” Twitter user @ladyrocksavage said.

Twitter user @HBICmaverick cannot believe that Middleton was never criticized for waiting on Prince William for 10 years and then being cheated on years later.

“They wouldn’t dare criticize #KateMiddleton for waiting around a cheating #PrinceWilliam for ten years. They wouldn’t dare criticize Camilla who is a glorified side-chick to tampon-Charles. They wouldn’t dare criticize pedophile #PrinceAndrew and his tax-deductible ex-wife,” the Twitter user wrote.

Twitter user @moonlitsoojin reminded the public that Prince William is a cheating, lying, and racist man who allegedly sold his and Prince Harry’s soul for some good press.

Reports about Prince William cheating on Middleton first came to light after The Sun’s executive editor, Dan Wootton revealed that the latter had a falling out with Hanbury.

There were also claims that the Duchess of Cambridge was threatened by Hanbury since they were vying to be the queen bees of the Turnip Toffs.

Shortly after, Prince William became involved in the rivalry of the two women. Previous claims suggest that Prince William stepped in to help Middleton and Hanbury fix their issues.

However, what was supposed to be a fun double date between the couples turned into a love triangle between Prince William, Middleton, and Hanbury.

And the speculations intensified after Giles Coren seemingly confirmed Prince William and Hanbury’s affair on Twitter. Writer Nicole Cliffe added more insult to injury when she said that Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud had nothing to do with Meghan Markle but with the former cheating on Middleton.

However, none of their allegations have been confirmed or denied by the royal couple.