Barry Allen a.k.a. the titular superhero (Grant Gustin) will be facing new and old enemies in the eighth installment of The CW’s The Flash.

The Flash delivered the second part of the season 7 finale, which comes with the title "Heart of the Matter." The superhero drama dropped the episode last Tuesday night (July 20, 2021), and seemingly tied most of the storylines. However, that doesn’t mean that no more threats are coming along the way.

The recently-concluded season 7 appears to have wrapped up the Godspeed arc. Also, Barry and his wife Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) were able to celebrate their love after what they’ve been through as of late, the same goes with other characters.

But then, the next chapter of The Flash will bring more chaos and trouble for Barry and the rest of Team Flash. It’s yet to be seen who will be the major thorn on their side, but new and old faces will show up to shake up their worlds. The group should be prepared for the dangers looming in the corner.

Showrunner Eric Wallace also teased these villains coming in the upcoming next installment. In a recent interview with TVLine, he said that they will continue their “graphic novel and interlude formats, to showcase both new and returning villains.”

In terms of new villains, Wallace hinted that one of them is going to be the biggest and most powerful Big Bad Barry hast yet to face. As for when this character will show up, he confirmed that viewers will meet this “unique baddie quite early in Season 8.”

When it comes to the old enemies, the showrunner said there’ll be familiar faces showing up from the first seven seasons of The Flash. They will be making an appearance in an unexpected way, making Barry and Iris’s life a “living nightmare.”

Right now, it remains unknown who are these returning faces coming on board again. But, some speculated that Reverse-Flash and Godspeed may show up to bring chaos once more. After all, the two have been iconic villains in Barry’s life.

Meanwhile, the release schedule of the next installment has already been announced by The CW even before the series airs its season 7 finale. Despite the delays the show had encountered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it still managed to wrap up the storylines left in the shortened season 6.

The Flash season 8 is slated to drop its new episodes starting mid-November 2021.