Rosie O’Donnell has allegedly offered Ellen DeGeneres a helping hand.

In its July 19 issue, National Enquirer claimed that O’Donnell has nothing but support for the Ellen Show host.

So, after learning that DeGeneres will be quitting her talk show after next season, O’Donnell finally agreed to make an appearance on Ellen Show.

On top of this, the former talk show has also been asking her A-list friends to guest on Ellen Show to help boost the program’s ratings. O’Donnell allegedly has her eyes set on inviting Tom Cruise and Madonna to be on DeGeneres’ talk show.

“Ellen has invited Rosie to come on the show many times, but Rosie was afraid of the surprises Ellen pulls on guests. Rosie told Ellen she’s happy to help her out during her final season – as long as she doesn’t give her a heart attack. Besides that, Rosie is calling her A-list friends to come on Ellen’s show for the final season,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that O’Donnell immediately reached out to DeGeneres after last year’s controversy. The latter was accused of being a bully and a mean girl despite previously being named as the Queen of Nice.

O’Donnell was also given the moniker while she was still hosting a talk show. But her endless feuds with Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View eventually tainted her reputation.

As such, she could allegedly relate to DeGeneres really well.

“Rosie was one of the few celebrities to defend Ellen. She’s told Ellen she knows how the worm can turn and Ellen so appreciated the support. Rosie feels so badly for Ellen. All the good work Ellen’s done over the years on her show is going down the drain. Rosie will do anything to help her go out on top,” the source said.

However, O’Donnell has never said anything about appearing on Ellen Show. and she hasn’t also promised DeGeneres that she would invite her A-list friends to appear on the program.

DeGeneres doesn’t need O’Donnell’s help in this regard because she can also invite Cruise, Madonna, and other A-listers to guest on her talk show.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just making up a story about the two talk show hosts because O’Donnell recently weighed in on DeGeneres’ decision to quit Ellen Show next year.