Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth allegedly had their first face-to-face conversation earlier this month.

In its July 19 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Prince Harry and the queen have finally hashed things out.

Shortly after the Duke of Sussex arrived in the United Kingdom for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue, the queen was photographed driving to Frogmore Cottage where he was staying.

Now, a source for the tabloid claimed that things were tense between Prince Harry and the queen when they first saw each other. But the two were able to hash all their issues out in the end.

“The queen was taken aback and very hurt by their behavior. And most believe this chat was Harry’s last chance to redeem himself or risk being exiled forever,” the source said.

According to the source, the Duke of Sussex managed to get on the queen’s good graces during his recent trip home.

“Harry said and did things that appealed to Her Majesty’s good nature. Thankfully, it ended on a positive note. Harry’s trip was quick, but this meeting was necessary. He had a mission to accomplish, and that’s what he did,” the source said.

The insider also revealed that Meghan Markle’s husband didn’t have a chance to talk to his grandmother when he traveled to the U.K. in April.

After all, he was there for just a few days. And the queen was still mourning the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

As of late, there is no confirmation regarding Prince Harry and the queen’s alleged peace talks at Frogmore Cottage.

While it is true that the queen was photographed on her way to the location while Prince Harry was there, it’s unclear whether they met.

Meanwhile, it seems that the queen isn’t upset with Prince Harry and Markle. After all, the Sussexes have been very careful with their words when it comes to the monarch.

During their recent interviews, it was evident that Prince Harry and Markle attacked some members of the royal family. But the couple has nothing but good things to say about Her Majesty.

In return, the queen also seems to adore the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In fact, even though Prince Harry and Markle quit The Firm for over a year now, she still keeps their photo in her office.

Last month, the queen was photographed chatting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And behind them is a photo of Prince Harry and Markle from their engagement in 2017.