Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been together for years. However, they still haven’t tied the knot.

In its July 19 issue, Globe claimed that Huntington-Whiteley has not closed her doors when it comes to marrying her baby daddy and longtime partner. However, Victoria’s Secret model is taking her sweet time because she thinks weddings are silly.

“Of course, someday Rosie would like to be Jason’s wife. But when she thinks of putting on a long white dress and walking down the aisle like a blushing bride, the whole idea seems silly after she’s already spent nearly a third of her life with her man,” the source said.

Statham previously proposed to his baby mama a $350,000 five-carat engagement ring. However, the couple’s wedding was never pushed through because of their work commitments.

Now, the source is claiming that Statham’s proposal was more than enough for the model to be committed to the actor.

“She looks at the engagement as a commitment on its own, and she feels signing their names on a piece of paper won’t change anything,” the source said.

Following their engagement, the happy couple welcomed their son, Jack. And they became even busier with taking care of the now 4-year-old.

The source said that Statham also signed on the star in multiple projects after the birth of his son. And Huntington-Whiteley, on the other hand, went back to her modeling career.

To make things worse, the coronavirus pandemic also took a toll on the couple’s wedding plans. So, they just never pushed through with their wedding plans.

“She’s not saying she won’t get up one day and tell Jason, ‘Honey, let’s get married today.’ But right now, there is no wedding date. If they do eventually decide to tie the knot, it will probably be a small, last-minute ceremony with just a handful of guests,” the source said.

Throughout the past couple of years, there have been tons of rumors regarding Statham and Huntington-Whiteley. Some tabloids insisted that the couple secretly tied the knot a long time ago. However, this isn’t the case.

In 2018, the supermodel told Extra that she believes the wedding will come at the right time.

She also confirmed that she and Statham regularly talk about their wedding plans. And they always look forward to that special day. However, they are very focused on their work and their son right now.