Meghan Markle is allegedly furious with Prince Harry.

In its July 12 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Markle learned that her husband hung out with some of his British friends while he was in the United Kingdom.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t have an issue with Prince Harry spending time with his pals. However, he spent time with the same people that bashed his wife.

“Meghan was annoyed that he was hanging out with people who bashed her, but Harry mostly blames William for spreading rumors about his wife,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry showed a united front at the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. However, they have not reconciled.

“Harry will never forgive his brother for betraying him and Meghan. They want nothing to do with William and vice versa,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Markle has been accused of being a nightmare while she was still working as a senior royal.

In the book Battle of Brothers, author Robert Lacey claimed that some close friends of the royals even dubbed Markle a complete narcissist and sociopath.

The Duchess of Sussex was previously accused of bullying royal staff because they were reportedly not doing their job. However, at least 10 palace staff will come forward to share their harrowing experiences with the former actress.

According to Lacey, Prince William sided with palace staff after he heard the complaints and this upset Prince Harry. After all, the latter thought that his brother would side with him and his wife.

Shortly after, Prince William and Prince Harry had a falling out. And Lacey said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge eventually realized that they shouldn’t have anything to do with the couple. And that’s why they stopped talking.

So, even though the brothers reunited in the United Kingdom earlier this month, this didn’t mean that they are already on good terms.

In fact, Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t speak to each other while they were at the memorial. But they were all smiles for the camera.

The siblings weren’t also joined by their wives. Markle was in the United States at the time taking care of her two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana.

As for Middleton, the mom of three has had a very busy past couple of weeks because of her countless royal engagements.