Prince Harry recently returned to the United Kingdom to attend the unveiling of the statue of her late mother, Princess Diana. His wife, Meghan Markle, didn’t accompany him in the event as she chose to stay in the United States to be with their two kids. Now, one tabloid is claiming that the Duke of Sussex reunited with his ex-girlfriend while he’s in London.

Woman’s Day claimed that, aside from the tension surrounding the Royal Family, Markle was nervous about Prince Harry’s return to the UK for another reason. The outlet asserted that the Duchess of Sussex is afraid her husband might meet up with his ex, Cressida Bonas. Her major concern is that he stayed with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, Bonas’ best friend.

“Cressida is often over at Eugenie’s, a fact which can’t have escaped Meghan’s attention,” the unnamed source noted, adding, “I bet her mind is running wild with the suggestion that Harry and Cressida could meet up at Frogmore without Meghan ever knowing, given she’s all the way back in California.”

The insider further said that this is not the first time Markle became worried about Prince Harry’s past relationship with Bonas. Allegedly, the Duke of Sussex leaned on his ex-girlfriend when he felt stressed while preparing for his wedding with his now-wife. The source shared that he was gone for hours at that time and no one knows where he is.

The tabloid added that there were speculations Prince Harry went to Bonas to get some perspective as she values her opinion. As for what he told her, the insider speculated that it is something he hasn’t told Markle about. The outlet concluded its narrative by claiming that the Duke of Sussex felt a “pang of longing” when his ex-girlfriend got married in 2020.

Now, the question is, is it true Prince Harry reunited with Bonas during his recent visit to the UK?

The tabloid didn’t provide any evidence about the alleged reunion of the ex-couple. Instead, it goes on to insist that Markle was nervous and worried that Prince Harry has met up with Bonas. What’s questionable with the claim is that the outlet’s tagline noted the two had a secret meeting. Yet, the narrative itself centers on the Duchess of Sussex.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the same outlet published a story surrounding the couple. For instance, the tabloid recently claimed that Markle begged Prince Harry not to go to the UK because she’s worried her husband might leave her after the trip. But then, this story has been also debunked and proved to be not true at all.