A recent tabloid has claimed that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were dating and they’re now ready to make their relationship public.

Aniston and Schwimmer worked together for 10 years in the hit sitcom Friends, beginning 1994 to 2004. Recently, the core friends reunited for a special episode wherein the two co-stars admitted they were “crushing” on each other during the early run of the NBC show.

Because of this revelation, many suspected they might rekindle the romance they once had. One outlet is particularly insisting that the two are on the dating stage. The latest edition of New Idea asserted that Aniston and Schwimmer were ready to make their relationship official.

The tabloid cited a source who claims that they’re “perfect for each other” and “all their mutual friends, including Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry, are pushing them to give romance a shot for real.” The unnamed insider added that the two are considering it.

To support its narrative, the publication includes Aniston’s appearance on Howard Stern Sirius XM. The actress discussed how she and Schwimmer admired each other – but it was not just the right time for them since they’re committed to other relationships.

“The beauty of that was whatever feelings we had we literally just channeled everything into Ross and Rachel. I think maybe that’s why it resonated the way it did,” Aniston continues.

The source insisted that the on-screen lovers were talking every day. However, the biggest challenge, per the insider, is that Aniston is in Los Angeles while Schwimmer is in New York. If everything works out, the outlet alleged that two will make their romance official to the public.

The major question now is whether or not Aniston and Schwimmer are dating for real. The publication didn’t present any evidence to prove its claim, aside from citing the actress’ recent interview. What’s more is that the headline of the article seemingly contradicts the narrative.

The title suggests the two are considering making their relationship known to the public, while the article itself implies they're just considering giving their romance a go. Also, the dating rumor only surfaced after they confessed they’re crushing on each other following the reunion.

In another report, Aniston and her other Friends co-stars celebrated the 4th of July together. Some of the recent snaps showed her, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow enjoying the holiday. Cox specifically shared their photos on her Instagram account with the caption: “Happy 4th! Xoxo”.