Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie were already divorced back in 1999. However, previous reports have been claiming that the ex-spouses reunited and rekindled their romance. Now, one tabloid is particularly claiming that the actor was cast on Netflix’s The Crown because he got back with his ex-wife.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Jolie was spotted once again in Miller’s apartment in New York. Because of this, New Idea speculated that the actress’ visit to his ex-husband could be the major reason why he was chosen to play the role of Prime Minister John Major in the royal series, The Crown.

“It’s rather odd casting as he looks nothing like Major,” a source from the tabloid said.

The insider added that Miller has not done “anything significant” since Elementary. He allegedly wanted this Netflix series so much, so it is not surprising that he reunited with Jolie. The publication asserted that the actor’s ex-wife may have helped him to get the role and may have tipped the producers.

“Jonny’s not done anything significant since Elementary and that was two years ago. He really wanted this gig, so it wouldn’t be a shock if his date with Angie tipped producers’ decision in his favor.” 

This report has already been debunked by Gossip Cop and none of the claims was proved to be correct. Over the past few weeks, rumors were wild surrounding the ex-couple and most tabloids have been suspecting that they rekindled their romance as early as 2019.

This report specifically came from New Idea’s sister outlet, Woman’s Day. Prior to the report claiming that Jolie helped Miller secured a role on The Crown, the latter claimed that the two have started seeing each other again two years ago.

Similarly, this claim is rooted when Jolie allegedly booked a trip to Manhattan to meet Miller. The tabloid insisted that the actress went to her ex-husband’s apartment and she made sure that her kids will meet him. And although it’s true she was spotted within the premise, no reports confirmed they reunited.

Right now, the potential romance between the ex-couple is still in question. The only proof of their possible reunion was the picture of Jolie holding a bottle of wine while entering the building and left three hours later. The next day, Miller was seen in the same neighborhood.

None of their reps commented about the alleged romance after the photos were released.