Batwoman season 3 is still a few months away from premiering but The CW has been unveiling details on what’s coming next in the story. When the superhero drama returns, new characters will arrive and one of them might be Ryan Wilder’s (Javicia Leslie) mother.

In a recent report via Deadline, it was confirmed that Riverdale star Robin Givens will have a regular role in the upcoming Batwoman season 3. The actress is set to play the role of the powerful CEO for Jet Industries, the boss, Jada Jet.

The character is described as a passionate hardworking woman who faced the highs and lows of life in order to get to the top. She is protective of her impetuous son but hides a deep secret from her past that caused her to give up her first-born child.

Jada has a good heart but she is willing to do whatever she can to protect her family. The description didn’t mention her being the mother of Ryan, but it did mention “first-born child”. There is a possibility that her arrival comes with unexpected twists and turns.

Ryan hasn’t met her biological mother as she believed she had died from giving birth. This is also one of the reasons why she never bothered to search for her. However, Batwoman season 3 could go in a different direction, especially since Givens was tapped as a series regular.

It’s yet to be seen what would be the official role of Jada in the titular character’s life. But, considering her regular part, her story will likely develop throughout the next installment. The series may explore more of her backstory as the narrative progresses.

Apart from Jada’s arrival, Batwoman season 3 is going to pick up the cliffhanger left in the season 2 finale. The episode ended with the artifacts of Batman villains being washed up in the river of Gotham City. These include Penguin’s hat and Poison Ivy’s vines.

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leslie teased how these items will play out in the next chapter. She revealed that the objects will have a huge impact on the normal citizens of Gotham. Whoever may acquire them could be like the Batman supervillains.

“I can't wait! I'm excited because we're about to start shooting season 3 and I can't wait to read the scripts and to see where it goes," Leslie added.

Batwoman season 3 is scheduled to premiere on October 13, 2021, on The CW.