Rumors about Brad Pitt’s love life have been swirling around after her and Angelina Jolie back in 2016. The former couple was still going through the divorce process, though the court restored their single status in 2019. Because of this, many have been speculating whom the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor is currently dating.

One tabloid is particularly asserting that Pitt is dating singer and actress Andra Day. The two met during the 2021 Oscar ceremony in April, and In Touch is now claiming that they’re an item. The outlet even cited a source insisting that the actor was “instantly smitten with her.”

“They realized they have a lot in common and decided to stay in touch, so who knows where it could lead. He’s in a good head space right now and definitely open to romance,” the unnamed insider continues.

The tabloid pointed out Pitt winning half of the custody of his five children with Jolie, which is why he is in a “good head space” at the moment. The source further asserted that his ex-wife has put him through so much and he’s not looking back now that he is free.

Although the claim about Pitt and the custody is true, there is no real evidence that he and Day are dating. In fact, the actress previously told Entertainment Tonight that she is not dating Jolie’s ex-husband. She also commented about the rumors, saying they were “wild.”

“We’re not dating. We don’t even know each other. It is hilarious. It was thin air. Somebody was bored that day,” Day said during the 2021 BET Awards last Sunday.

This is a confirmation that she and Pitt are not dating at all, as opposed to the publication’s claim they’re now an item. But, even though Day shut down the dating rumors, she complimented the actor by saying “he‘s great, though, super talented, wonderful.”

After his split with Jolie, several tabloids have been making claims about Pitt being romantically involved with other women. For instance, the same publication reported in 2020 that the actor and Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat are moving together after nine months of dating.

Similarly, the tabloid also published a report about Pitt and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston last year. Allegedly, the two go on a romantic getaway and the actor realized that the Friends alumna was his one true love. However, this report has been debunked and proved to be not true at all.