Russell Crowe has allegedly vowed to give the Irwins all the love and support that they need right now.

In its July 12 issue, New Idea claimed that Terri Irwin is stressed out following her daughter’s online attack against her grandfather, Bob Irwin.

After Bindi received countless backlashes from her relatives and critics, she announced that she will be taking a break from social media.

Now, a source is claiming that the new mom is also taking a break from her work at the Australia Zoo, as well as her other endeavors.

As such, her mom is the one that is tending to everything. And it’s allegedly been very stressful for Terri.

“It’s all too much for one woman to handle. With Bindi’s open attack on her grandad, it feels like her family is falling apart in an ugly, public way. Thankfully, Russell is in close contact with Terri. He is someone who has experience in managing public life, showbiz, and family matters,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the actor has been an amazing support for the Irwins, especially to Terri who has been rattled by the recent events.

Additionally, Crowe has also allegedly told Terri to not worry about what other people think as long as she knows her truth. And he also vowed to give her advice and support if she needs any.

But despite his support for the Irwins, Crowe allegedly wants to stay on neutral territory because he knows how much the late Steve Irwin loved his dad. So, even though he’s heard some of the allegations before, he’s keen on not taking sides.

For now, Crowe’s goal is to allegedly encourage Terri to focus on herself.

“He’s good at keeping her focused on the real issues. If anyone can keep Terri’s spirits up, it’s Russell,” the source said.

While it is true that Crowe is very close to the Irwins, he has not commented on Bindi’s recent claims against her grandfather publicly. So, no one knows for sure where the actor’s head is at.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just trying to link Crowe to Terri because they previously accused the A-listers of having a thing.

Last year, the tabloid claimed that Terri is also leaning on Crowe for support amid the mom of two’s dwindling relationship with her daughter, Bindi.