Kate Middleton allegedly exercised her role as the peacemaker of the royal family when she organized a meeting with Prince William and Prince Harry.

In its July 12 issue, New Idea claimed that the meeting took place after Princess Diana’s memorial on July 1. And it was held at Frogmore Cottage, where the Duke of Sussex stayed during his visit to the United Kingdom.

However, instead of having a peaceful conversation, the brothers allegedly got into an argument that upset Middleton. After all, she had high hopes for Prince William and Prince Harry to finally reconcile after four years of being at odds with each other.

“Catherine is well aware of her role as peacemaker in the family and encouraged William to see Harry and try to unravel this huge mess. But despite her best efforts, it didn’t go according to plan – which is putting it mildly,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Meghan Markle’s husband acted up even before the memorial service because he refused to join the practices and meet with the senior royals.

Prince Harry also allegedly refused to share the details of his speech in advance, which made everyone nervous.

“Harry was already nervous about coming home again. So, walking into a fresh barrage of insults directed at his wife immediately put him on the back foot. Harry has an ego the size of California so when that happened, there was no way he’d back down,” the source said.

Prince William, on the other hand, didn’t want anything to do with his younger brother after he found out that Prince Harry and Markle are compiling a 30-page dossier to justify the latter’s treatment of the palace staff.

Last year, the Duchess of Sussex was accused of bullying some senior palace staff members. But Markle has already denied the allegations.

To date, the source claimed that neither Prince William nor Prince Harry believe that they did anything wrong. That’s why they refused to make the first move.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Prince William and Prince Harry showed a united front at Princess Diana’s memorial service.

The siblings also gave a joint statement about their late mother, which means that Prince Harry didn’t make his own.

It is unclear if Prince William and Prince Harry have already repaired their relationship. But by the looks of it, it’s no longer as bad as it once was.