Queen Elizabeth allegedly wants to get to the bottom of the allegations that Meghan Markle bullied palace staff.

In its July 12 issue, Globe claimed that the allegations were reignited after royal biographer Robert Lacey discussed them in his book, Battle of Brothers.

According to Lacey, Prince William always thought that Markle had an agenda that’s why she decided to marry Prince Harry. So, when he learned that his sister-in-law bullied palace staff, he realized that his assumptions about Markle were correct.

Now, the queen also wants to know what really happened that’s why she’s summoning 10 palace staff to share their experiences in the hands of Markle.

“They have been silent for too long and there is much to talk about,” the source said.

But before things get out of hand, Markle has also requested those who have complaints about her to speak up.

“The Duchess of Sussex has demanded a point by point breakdown of the allegations and is adamant the staff were not up to their job,” the source said.

Meanwhile, royal experts are claiming that Markle’s bullying antics were what caused Prince William and Prince Harry to drift apart.

After all, when the Duke of Cambridge learned about the complaints of bullying, he seemingly sided with the palace staff that have been with the royal family for years.

He also told Prince Harry that he had doubts about Markle, and this didn’t sit well with the Duke of Sussex.

“When Harry flared up in furious defense of his wife, the elder brother persisted. Harry shut off his phone angrily, so William went to speak to him personally. He wanted to hear what Harry had to say. The showdown between the brothers was fierce and bitter,” the source said.

As of late, there is no confirmation about the 10 complainants speaking out about their experiences in the hands of Markle. So, it’s possible that the tabloid is just making this up for clickbait.

It is also not true that Markle is urging those who have complaints about her to reach out to her. If anything, the Duchess of Sussex has distanced herself from her royal life.

The only accurate information that the tabloid provided had to do with Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud.

Multiple sources previously revealed that the brothers had a falling out because of Markle.