Prince Charles allegedly suffered a mental breakdown recently because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In its July 12 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Charles has been trying to show his brave face amid all the Sussexes’ attacks towards him. But he has finally had enough.

A source claimed that the heir to the throne was recently diagnosed with depression. And his doctors are advising him to take things slow.

“He simply couldn’t cope with the brutal torrent of hate being spewed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They basically accused him of being a monster and blamed his mother, Queen Elizabeth for making him that way. Charles can never forgive them,” the source said.

After learning about how serious his struggles are, Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla allegedly called on their doctors to check on the future king.

The source alleged that Prince Charles is now seeking treatment to help him deal with his anger and emotions. He has also refused all contact with Prince Harry so that he could heal.

According to the source, Prince Charles has so many reasons to be upset with his youngest son.

First, Prince Harry lambasted him during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duke of Sussex also called his royal life prison on earth. And he also claimed that Prince Charles stopped supporting him financially after he and his wife quit The Firm.

So, prior to Prince Harry’s arrival in the United Kingdom, Camilla allegedly ordered her husband to stay in Balmoral so that they wouldn’t cross paths.

“Camilla wanted to avoid any chance of Harry forcing a face-to-face showdown if he joined his estranged brother, William for the unveiling of a statue for their late mother, Princess Diana… Camilla is terrified her husband’s mental breakdown could lead to the queen changing the line of succession to the throne, leapfrogging Charles for William,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Prince Charles wasn’t diagnosed with depression recently.

And if he was, the royal family would’ve kept the news a secret from the world. So, it’s unlikely for a tabloid to know about it.

And if the royal family opted to not keep it a secret, more reputable sources would’ve reported on Prince Charles’ diagnosis.

However, National Enquirer is the only tabloid reporting on it just like when they previously claimed that the queen was dying when she wasn’t.