A recent article insists that Emma Heming wants her husband Bruce Willis to return to Los Angeles soon. 

According to a recent report, the actor is enjoying living with his former wife Demi Moore, and adult daughters in Idaho. On the other hand, Heming and their two young daughters want him to come back to Los Angeles to live with them.

A supposed insider mentioned that while Heming has been quite tolerant about the current arrangement, it has now been dragging for many weeks. The same dubious insider continued: “What’s even worse is that he still hasn’t given her an exact time frame for his return.”

However, the actor’s daughter Scout has already revealed that her step-mother was also supposed to join them at Idaho with her two young daughters. The youngest step-sister, though, met with an accident. Heming had to stay back in Los Angeles to get her diagnosed.

While her father flew to Idaho, things got worse and her stepmother had to stay back with her little step-sisters. Scout had shared the news while speaking on the podcast “Dopey”, Entertainment Tonight reports. 

Although it is correct that Bruce Willis was in quarantine with his former wife and daughters, Emma Heming is not “begging” her husband to return to their home in Los Angeles. Rather, Willis and Heming reunited some days ago. 

Also, Heming had plans to quarantine with her husband’s ex-spouse and daughter from the beginning. While Heming and the little ones had to live separately from Willis for a few days, the family is excited to reunite and is spending quality time together. 

In other news, Demi Moore seems to be enjoying life with her former husband, as well as, their three daughters since mid-Mar. Even though Heming and their two children have now joined them in Idaho, they are all doing fine together. 

Last Friday, Moore shared another cute family photograph without Heming and her children. Meanwhile, even Heming uploaded a picture on social media where she is seen enjoying some time with her husband. She captioned the photo: “Quarantine life.”

Scout Willis revealed that there were advantages of this bizarre set-up in the family. She mentioned that it was cool to be able to live with all her sisters and parents in a single home even though her parents divorced so many years ago, Daily Mail reports. 

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis got married in 2009. The actor and Demi Moore divorced two decades ago and yet are good friends. Last year Bruce Willis and Emma Heming attended Moore’s book launch and she was there when they renewed their vow.