Meghan Markle is allegedly obsessed with Princess Diana’s jewelry.

In its July 5 issue, New Idea claimed that when Prince Harry and Markle decided to quit The Firm last year, the latter forgot that this would also mean she no longer has access to the late royal’s jewelry collection.

So, Markle is allegedly trying to do everything that she can to still be linked to Princess Diana’s jewelry even after her Megxit.

In the book The Bench, illustrator Christian Robinson drew an image of Markle wearing the butterfly earrings that she inherited from her mother-in-law.

Prince Harry gifted Markle with a stunning piece of jewelry in 2018.

“Meghan got a lot of PR mileage whenever she wore something of Diana’s and now that they’re in America and her access is limited, she’s having to get creative with ways to draw a comparison, which is why you’ll see her doing stuff like this,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Markle is rumored to be obsessed with Princess Diana’s jewelry.

Months ago, one tabloid claimed that the Duchess of Sussex urged her husband to still give her the late royal’s jewelry even though she’s not a senior working royal because she’s still legally married to Princess Diana’s son.

Another tabloid also claimed that Prince William and Markle fought over the Princess of Wales’ jewelry because the former wanted to give the earrings to his wife, Kate Middleton.

The Duke of Sussex was supposed to inherit Princess Diana’s blue diamond sapphire earrings, but he decided to give it to Prince William when the latter said that he was planning to propose to Middleton.

In return, Prince William gave Prince Harry the Cartier watch that Princess Diana owned. And then Prince Harry gave the watch to his wife.

“William is still so angry at his brother and sister-in-law for ditching the family and allowing a biased biography to come out. He often cringes when he thinks about what Diana would think of their actions. And when he thought that Harry might have given her one of their mother’s watches, he nearly lost it,” the source said,” a source told Woman’s Day last August.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because Prince William isn’t trying to get Princess Diana’s Cartier watch from Markle.

In the same way that Markle isn’t trying to get Princess Diana’s diamond earrings from Middleton.