The upcoming eleventh season of The Walking Dead serves as the final installment of the post-apocalyptic horror drama. The series is set to premiere within a few months and AMC has been unveiling teasers on what’s coming ahead for the remaining Survivors.

The Walking Dead season 11 will be full of violent, bloody battles. The latest teaser of the series finale hyped up the return of the Reapers, one of the notorious groups the Survivors have to face. Alexandria is on the verge of collapsing, which only means that more threats are coming for everyone.

There are several communities outside the walls of Alexandria, including Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) group called the Wardens. Her team is, particularly, in danger since they’re going to be the major target of the Reapers, who were introduced in season 10’s “Home Sweet Home.”

In that episode, a camouflaged Reaper (Mike Whinnet) attacked Maggie and Daryl (Norman Reedus). In a chat in the  Talking Dead, executive producer/showrunner Angela Kang shared what would be the role of this character in the series finale.

Kang said that this Reaper is part of Maggie’s backstory. Although he is mysterious, there are a lot of clues of who this person is. He is an excellent fighter, suggesting that he had undergone extensive training. In addition, he appears to be unaffected by everything.

Executive producer Denise Huth added that this Reaper mentioned something to Maggie that “Pope marked you” but she does not know what that means. That is what even terrifying about this group as the Survivors are seemingly unaware of what would be their next move.

“And for characters as strong and as good as fighters as they are, for them to be afraid, this is a whole other level of what they're going to be up against,” Huth teased.

The Reapers, who are formed by a person named Pope, attack other innocent survivors on their leader’s orders. They are equipped with military-grade weaponry and utilized stealth to hunt down their potential victims. At one point, they attacked Maggie’s group, forcing them back to Alexandria.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead kicks off with an episode titled, “Acheron: Part I". The storyline sees Maggie leading the survivors in what appears to be a suicide mission. Together, they will try to look for supplies after being hit by a storm and forced to go underground into a walker-filled subway tunnel.

The second episode comes with the title “Acheron: Part II” and it’ll focus on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the group fearing there would be no way out. The Survivors’ motto also shifts from "No Man Left Behind" to "We Keep Going".

The final season of The Walking Dead premieres with the two-part episode on Sunday, August 22, on AMC.