Queen Elizabeth allegedly asked Prince Harry to fly to the United Kingdom because she wants to talk to him.

In its July 5 issue, New Idea claimed that the Duke of Sussex has some explaining to do. And the queen doesn’t want their conversation to take place via Zoom or FaceTime.

“The queen has dropped her soft grandmotherly attitude and wants answers from Harry. This time, it won’t be over Zoom with Meghan hovering in the background or a brief text on the family WhatsApp group. This is the queen’s chance to calmly get to the bottom of everything,” the source said.

One of the things that the queen wants to discuss with her grandson has to do with the latter’s decision to talk about his mental health in the documentary, The Me You Can’t See.

The queen also wants to ask Prince Harry why he decided to give the name Lilibet to his daughter considering that he’s said a lot of negative things about the royal family.

“Harry’s getting quite a dressing down when he was expecting an olive branch. The queen is shrewd and wants a trusted, neutral witness to be there just in case Harry goes running to the media with a one-eyed side of the story when he returns to California,” the source said.

And this trusted person is allegedly Prince Edward. After all, the Earl of Wessex has always been neutral and patient compared to the other members of the royal family.

The queen also asked the other members of the royal family to join her conversation with Prince Harry. However, all of them refused because they don’t want anything to do with Prince Charles’ estranged son.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry will be attending the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue next month. He will be joined by Prince William at the memorial.

As of late, it is still unclear which other members of the British clan will be joining them at the event. But by the looks of it, Kate Middleton will also be there.

Unfortunately, Markle won’t be attending the gathering because she’s in the United States tending to her children.

The Suits alum just gave birth to her baby girl on June 4. And she’s still reportedly on maternity leave.

Markle has not set foot in the United Kingdom for over a year since her and Prince Harry’s Megxit.