WARNING! This article contains major spoilers for "Batwoman" season 2 finale. Read at your own risk.

Batwoman has just recently wrapped up its second season and it brought a lot of significant changes in Gotham City and its citizens. The episode, which comes with the title “Power,” aired on Sunday night, June 27, and left a major cliffhanger leading to more stories in the next installment.

The second season of Batwoman ended with the artifacts of Batman villains, including Penguin's hat, being washed up in the river of the fictional town. But, one of the noticeable objects was Poison Ivy’s vines. The major concern here is that it began sprouting – which is not good news for everyone.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Javicia Leslie, who plays Ryan Wilder a.k.a. the new version of the titular character, discussed what the season 2 ending means for her character in the next chapter. She teased that the weapons from the Batman villains will play out in season 3.

Leslie said that these weapons will have huge effects on the normal citizens of Gotham now that these items have been released to the world. The actress also hinted at the potential plot of the third installment, saying that those who may have them could become like the Batman supervillains.

“I can't wait! I'm excited because we're about to start shooting season 3 and I can't wait to read the scripts and to see where it goes," Leslie added.

It’s yet to be seen how Poison Ivy will show up, but her presence could be one of the major stories that will be explored in the next season. Nothing is officially confirmed as of yet, though her arrival might be factored in as the series already teased her possible appearance.

Meanwhile, Batwoman season 2 also wrapped up Kate Kane’s storyline. She is the first version of the titular character, played by Ruby Rose in season 1. Her arc ended with her memories being restored and going on a journey to find her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne.

The exit of Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) is another significant event in the ending of the second installment. He has been part of the universe since the first outing, but he’s now leaving Gotham City for good. At the moment, it remains uncertain whether the character will be replaced by a new one.

Batwoman is slated to return with its third season on October 13 on The CW.