Kate Middleton is allegedly a secret flirt, and she also has a naughty and rebellious side when no one’s watching.

In its July 5 issue, Life & Style also claimed that Middleton is just like everyone else.

On Sundays, she enjoys chilling at home with her children. And she usually wears a tracksuit while indulging in pizza with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But when she’s out in public or when she’s performing her royal duties, she’s always the epitome of class.

“The way Kate looks, behaves, and carries herself in public is the epitome of class. She’s naturally elegant, but the first thing she does when she gets home from an event or public appearance is kick off the heels and change into a pair of jeans and a Zara sweater,” the source said.

According to the insider, Middleton is also very down to earth. And before she became a royal, she was well-loved by her friends from school.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge also enjoyed partying with her friends. And now that she’s a royal, Middleton could no longer go out to party with her pals.

So, she allegedly brings the party to her home at Kensington Palace or at Anmer Hall.

“Friends come over for drinks, dinner, or both. Or during the lockdown, she’d organize Zoom parties. Party planning is in her blood. She’s the perfect host. She loves breaking out at the karaoke machine or themed whodunit games and toasting with goblet champagne glasses and smoked salmon canapes,” the source said.

However, it is unlikely for the tabloid to know all this information about Middleton. After all, Prince William’s wife has tried her best to stay as private as possible.

Even though she’s a public servant, Middleton doesn’t normally divulge what she does at home with her husband and kids.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just speculating on what the Duchess of Cambridge does during her free time, as well as what she loves to do when she’s not performing her royal duties.

Meanwhile, Middleton also made headlines recently after she helped break the cycle of early childhood trauma, addiction, and crime.

The Duchess of Cambridge was also named as Patron of The Forward Trust.

During a gala dinner for Action on Addiction, Middleton said that those suffering from addiction need all the support and help that they could get.