Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have allegedly tied the knot.

In its July 5 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the couple has already sealed the deal. However, they are still keeping the news a secret from the entire world.

On June 10, Stefani’s family and friends surprised her with a bridal shower. And they gave her some wonderful gifts.

A source claimed that the bridal shower was the first time that Stefani got to hang out with her closest friends since the lockdown ended.

And it’s highly likely that one day wasn’t enough that’s why they were also there when Stefani and Shelton tied the knot two days later.

“Gwen and Blake are keeping to themselves right now. But it makes perfect sense if they’ve tied the knot in secret. They had definitely looked into the option of getting the formalities done privately, with few people present – literally just a handful of close family and friends,” the source said.

The insider said that Stefani and Shelton weren’t able to invite everyone to their wedding.

So, it’s highly likely for the couple to have a second wedding ceremony, which will be bigger than the recent one that they had.

“They’ll certainly still want a bash to celebrate,” the source said.

OK! magazine isn’t the only tabloid that’s been saying that Stefani and Shelton have already tied the knot.

Star also claimed that Stefani and Shelton already got the wedding of their dreams in Oklahoma. And their nuptials were attended by their family and friends.

“Earlier this year, it was pretty touch and go whether it was even going to happen. But with COVID restrictions lifting they can invite everyone on their guest list. We’re talking 150 to 175 people,” the source said.

The couple also allegedly wrote their own vows. And they also composed a song for each other since they are both musicians.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Stefani and Shelton have not confirmed whether they have already tied the knot or not.

It is possible that the tabloid is just making up these stories about the couple because Shelton previously confirmed that his wedding will take place in the summer.

Still, it’s possible that Stefani and Shelton are still planning their wedding. And it will most likely take place at the church that Shelton built for their special day.