Angelina Jolie was married to British-American actor Jonny Lee Miller in 1996, but the two separated in 1999. Despite their divorce, the former couple remained close friends. Now, one tabloid asserted that the two reunited and they rekindled the romance they once had.

Jolie is currently in the midst of the divorce process with Brad Pitt but the court has restored their single status. After announcing their separation in 2016, many publications followed them and made a series of claims about their love life with different people.

For instance, a recent report from Woman’s Day asserted that Jolie was secretly dating Miller. Allegedly, the actress booked a trip to Manhattan to see her ex-husband. The tabloid claimed she was spotted in his apartment and made sure her kids will meet him, as well.

“She’s thrilled her kids have met him, especially Pax, who is very protective of Angelina,” the unnamed source of the tabloid said.

The publication also added Jolie’s friend in the narrative by saying that that the ex-couple has been dating “a lot longer than everyone thought.” In addition, the insider noted that the actress was secretly seeing someone the time she insisted the court change her status into single back in 2019.

“Ange wouldn’t be seeing Jonny so publicly if her kids weren’t on board.”

While it is true that Jolie was seen leaving Miller’s apartment building a few weeks ago, there is no official confirmation they got back together. What’s questionable here is that the article claimed they've been seeing each other ever since the actress became legally single in 2019.

It should be noted that the same publication asserted in the same year that Jolie got back together with Pitt. It also alleged the actress was dating Evan Rachel Wood. Thus, the outlet has contradicted these reports published two years ago.

For now, the potential romance between Jolie and Miller is hanging up in the air. Some suspected that they’ve been working on rekindling their relationship. One of the proofs that they possibly reunite was the photo of the actress going to her ex-husband’s apartment building with a bottle of wine.

Jolie was spotted leaving three hours after entering the apartment. The following day, Miller was seen jogging in the same neighborhood. After these snaps were released, rumors about their alleged romance spread like wildfire – though none of the reps commented about these.

Jolie and Miller worked together in the 1995 movie Hackers. They fell in love instantly and tied the knot in 1996. Their wedding also made headlines as the actress was reported to be just 20 years old at the time. However, their marriage didn’t last long as they filed for divorce in 1999.