Jennifer Lopez allegedly threatened to leave Ben Affleck if he won’t follow her orders.

In its June 28 issue, National Enquirer claimed that there are a lot of things that Lopez adores about Affleck. But the World of Dance judge cannot stand her boyfriend’s smoking habits.

“She’s told him the smoking has to stop very soon, so he’s got a month of weaning himself off before she gets brutal because long-term it’s unacceptable and a dealbreaker especially when his breath stinks and he’s going through two packs a day,” the source said.

Lopez is allegedly very particular with what she smells. And she also wants to make sure that the air quality that she breathes is good.

The mom of twins doesn’t also want ashtrays lying around in her house or even on tables when she’s out with Affleck.

On top of this, Lopez is also urging Affleck to get rid of his massive phoenix tattoo because it freaks her out.

“She loves the feel of Ben’s skin but it’s creepy imagining that great bird flapping its wings. Until he gets it removed, she wants him to keep his back covered,” the source said.

Lopez, who is also very particular with what she eats, as well as her workout regimen, wants Affleck to follow in her footsteps when it comes to exercising.

The singer doesn’t’ want Affleck to eat junk food, and she doesn’t also want him to drink coffee. A lifestyle overhaul is what Lopez expects from Affleck or their relationship won’t last.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no indication that Lopez is trying to change Affleck. And there’s also no reason for her to do so.

This isn’t the first time that the tabloid accused Lopez of giving her partners ultimatums.

After reports swirled that Rodriguez cheated on Lopez, the tabloid alleged that the latter gave the baseball player an ultimatum. Lopez also allegedly gave Rodriguez a long list of to-do’s so that she would stay with him.

And even before the cheating scandal surfaced, the tabloid already claimed that Lopez hates the way Rodriguez looks. So, she allegedly asked him to work out regularly and stop eating junk food.

The tabloid’s claims about Lopez, Affleck, and Rodriguez are quite similar which proves that they are all made up.