Jennifer Aniston is allegedly ready to act on her feelings for David Schwimmer.

In its June 21 issue, Life & Style claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer never really got over each other all these years. And the recent reunion made them realize that they should be together.

So, Aniston and Schwimmer have allegedly been FaceTiming each other nonstop. And when it’s safe for both of them, they are also planning to meet up.

“They felt a huge sense of nostalgia when they saw each other again. They’re the same people as they were back in the day – just older,” the source said.

According to the source, Schwimmer became so close to asking Aniston out on a date. But he was forced to set aside his feelings for the actress after he learned that she’s dating Brad Pitt.

Pitt even appeared in Friends, and he shared a scene with Schwimmer. But after the cameras stopped rolling, Schwimmer couldn’t help but feel that he missed out on the opportunity to date his co-star.

After Aniston and Pitt divorced, it took the actress years to date again. However, she and Schwimmer never had the opportunity to be together because the latter was also with someone else.

However, the source claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer stayed in touch with each other every now and then. And this is why there was no awkwardness between them when they appeared at the Friends reunion.

Meanwhile, the source alleged that Aniston and Schwimmer have a lot of things planned. Since they have common interests, the co-stars are thinking about cooking and hanging out together at the actress’ home.

“They don’t have to do the work of getting to know each other – because they already do. Neither Jen nor David feels the need to put on an act when they’re together. They can truly relax and be themselves,” the source said.

But while the thought of Aniston and Schwimmer dating might sound exciting, it’s not true that the co-stars are trying to pursue each other.

If Aniston and Schwimmer really wanted to date, they wouldn’t have had to wait for the Friends reunion to do something about it.

By the looks of it, this is just the tabloid’s way of hyping the A-listers’ onscreen relationship. After all, Aniston and Schwimmer played the role of an on-ag. in-off-again couple named Rachel and Ross in the original Friends sitcom