Ellen DeGeneres is known to have a lot of real estate properties and it was recently reported that she bought another mansion in Montecito, California. Now, one tabloid claims that the major reason why the talk show host purchased the house is that she wanted to repair her marriage with wife Portia de Rossi. What’s more, she reportedly owned the property before and bought it again.

According to a recent report from In Touch, DeGeneres re-purchased a house she sold back in 2018. She allegedly bought the property again for de Rossi, hoping that it could save their marriage.

The tabloid added that the couple has been facing troubles in their relationship, mostly because of the talk show host’s recent controversy and toxic work environment.

“Portia always loved it there and since they’ve had a few rocky years — Portia was always pressuring Ellen to retire, but she wouldn’t — Ellen bought its back for her,” the unidentified source told the outlet. “Ellen just lost her talk show; the last thing she wants is to lose her wife too.”

The insider further claimed that DeGeneres paid over $3.3 million – which is more than the original price the first time she sold it. However, the talk show host does not mind the cost of the property because she’s “desperate” to please de Rossi. Her acquisition of the mansion allegedly made her wife happy and it might be enough to save their failing marriage.

“Hopefully it will be enough to save their marriage because their issues run deep,” the unnamed source concluded.

The question now is whether or not DeGeneres, indeed, bought a property to repair her strained relationship with de Rossi. In May 2021, it was reported that the couple re-purchased a property in Montecito they sold in 2018. But the, it’s not true that the talk show host bought the mansion back because her marriage is on the rocks.

DeGeneres and de Rossi got married in 2008 and the couple is still very much in love with each other. In fact, the talk show’s wife appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in early May to celebrate the variety program’s 3,000 episodes. The Arrested Development star is also frequently sharing photos of them on her Instagram account.

Unlike what the tabloid claims, both DeGeneres and de Rossi are happy with their marriage. This isn’t also the first time a rumor surrounding their relationship surfaced. Earlier this June, Heat magazine reported the couple’s marriage is in trouble and the talk show host is heading to her Rwandan gorilla sanctuary as soon as she wrapped up filming the program.