Amal Clooney and George Clooney didn’t reportedly see each other for 86 days because of the latter’s work commitments.

In its June 14 issue, New Idea claimed that the distance between the couple meant that George and Amal were unable to celebrate the actor’s 60th birthday together.

But on May 30, the Clooneys were photographed arriving in Italy, where they will be spending several weeks.

A source claimed that Amal is also planning a late birthday celebration for her husband’s 60th birthday.

“George was so busy that they didn’t even get to celebrate his 60th birthday in May properly. So, they’re going to make up for it with a lavish occasion in his favorite place in the world. Amal has got all sorts of tricks up her sleeve to make it special, including hiring the chef from one of his favorite restaurants to be at their beck and call,” the source said.

The insider said that the Clooneys’ celebration will be a massive one because it was also their twins Ella and Alexander’s 4th birthday on June 6.

According to the source, the Ocean’s Eleven actor missed his children so much while he was away. And he can’t allegedly believe how much they’ve grown in the last 86 days.

George feels as though he’s already talking to two adults instead of two 4-year-olds.

“He’s been so focused on work, and now he’s excited to reconnect with his family in Italy,” the source said.

But while the plans sound exciting, there’s no truth to them. George and Amal do not normally disclose their birthday plans or surprises for each other. So, there’s no way for a tabloid to know all these details about the actor’s so-called bash.

And while it is true that George must have missed his children while he was away for work, the actor didn’t also say this directly. So, it’s obvious that the tabloid’s claims are just based on hearsays and their assumptions.

Meanwhile, the Clooneys have been making headlines for all sorts of reasons in recent months.

Just recently, several tabloids claimed that they were on the brink of a divorce.

In April, the same tabloid alleged that Amal decided to leave George because he refused to take care of their children. However, this isn’t the case because George has always been a doting dad to his kids.

In fact, he has also been very vocal about his love for Ella and Alexander during his interviews.