Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has allegedly been taking after her parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In its June 14 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the 15-year-old is very smart just like her A-list parents.

Shiloh has allegedly come out of her shell in recent years. And she has transformed from being a tomboy to a teen beauty queen.

“Shiloh blows people away with how smart she is. She knows a ton about art and architecture from her dad and is versed in humanitarian issues thanks to her mom. There’s a maturity to her that just draws people in,” the source said.

The insider also said that Shiloh has been doing a great job coping with all the stress that comes with fame. After all, she grew up in the spotlight but she managed to cope with all the attention that she’s been getting.

In fact, the teenager remains unfazed after she made headlines following her outing recently. Shiloh surprised the world when she stepped out in public in her short shorts instead of her usual baggy ensemble.

Years ago, Jolie revealed that her eldest biological child wanted to become a boy. So, they decided to cut her hair.

Since Shiloh also has two older brothers, Maddox and Pax, she seemingly wanted to emulate them.

“But as she got older, she could beat them at soccer, shooting hoops, you name it. She no longer needs a boy’s name to hold her own,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the source claimed that Shiloh was gravely affected by her parent's divorce. While her older siblings sided with Jolie following her split from Pitt, Shiloh just wanted her family to reach a resolution.

And this is what she somehow received after the judge granted Pitt and Jolie joint custody of their kids. However, the Maleficent star is reportedly pleading her case because she wants full custody of her kids.

While it is true that the judge ordered in favor of Pitt, it is not true that Shiloh expressed her thoughts on the matter. In fact, no one knows for sure how she feels about her parents’ custody battle because she has not spoken about it.

It is possible that Shiloh is growing up to be as smart as her parents. However, it is unclear if she has really decided to let go of her boyish appearance to look more feminine now that she’s a full-blown teenager.