Ben Affleck has allegedly been in talks with Jennifer Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe. In its June 14 issue, Star claimed that Affleck promised Guadalupe that he will not hurt Lopez again.

Years ago, the couple’s relationship ended in heartbreak after they were forced to end their engagement due to the public attention that they were receiving.

But there were also some claims back then that Lopez and Affleck split because of the latter’s infidelity.

So, now that their relationship is quickly progressing, a source for the tabloid claimed that Affleck felt it was only right for him to reassure his future mother-in-law.

Luckily for the Batman v Superman actor, Guadalupe showed him her support.

“She’s always loved Ben, and she made him promise that he wouldn’t break her daughter’s heart again,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Affleck dropped a telling clue that he’s serious about Lopez. During their recent outing in Miami, Affleck was photographed with a 17-year-old bracelet that Lopez gave him.

“Jen had no idea Ben kept hold of the watch. So, it was really a sweet surprise when he turned up wearing it,” the source said.

Lopez was allegedly so thrilled that she allowed Affleck to start moving his stuff into her home. And the World of Dance judge doesn’t allegedly have any qualms because she and Affleck know that their relationship is different this time around.

According to the source, the attraction between Lopez and Affleck is so strong that the more they see each other, the harder it is for them to be apart.

In fact, the A-listers' attraction is so strong that it’s unlike anything that they have experienced before. Even though they’ve been in several relationships in the past, Lopez and Affleck feel that they are meant to end up with each other.

However, not all the tabloid’s claims are correct. It is true that Affleck was photographed with a bracelet during his outing in Miami. But it is unclear if this was really a gift from Lopez.

There is also no proof that Affleck has been in contact with Lopez’s mom. As of late, no one knows for sure what Guadalupe thinks of Affleck and his budding relationship with Lopez.

Affleck and Lopez dated years ago. But just days before they tied the knot, they were forced to call off their engagement. Following their split, the exes remained friends.