Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s marriage is allegedly hanging by a thread due to the latter’s ambition to take over Hollywood.

In its June 14 issue, Globe claimed that the Obamas have been arguing back and forth over where they should live. For now, they are still staying in D.C and in Martha’s Vineyard.

However, a source claimed that Barack and Michelle are thinking about relocating close to Hollywood so that the latter can pursue all her dreams. And even though Barack has been very supportive, he’s allegedly jealous of all the attention his wife has been getting.

“Barack was in his element in the Oval Office, but in L.A., he’s a fish out of water. He’s no longer the one people listen to and that’s been tough for him. Michelle, on the other hand, has got them spellbound. She can talk money and projections and has a gazillion ideas. Studio heads and top agents are impressed,” the source said.

The insider added that Barack and Michelle’s marriage has become so troubled that they no longer wear their wedding rings in public.

After all, the ex-POTUS allegedly threw his ring at his wife while they were quarantining amid the pandemic.

Following the incident, Michelle allegedly started feeling that there’s no saving her marriage to Barack so she finally decided to follow her dreams.

The tabloid also revisited Michelle’s previous revelations in her memoir, Becoming. In the book, she admitted that she had to give up her dreams of becoming a lawyer so that she could support her husband’s presidential bid.

Nowhere in the book did Michelle say that she regretted her decision, but the tabloid is insisting that this is the case.

“It’s her turn now. Barack is going along with his move because he has been told to, not out of choice. He would far prefer to be back in D.C. or even New York, but this is Michelle’s time to shine and she’s making the most of it,” the source said.

But while it is true that Michelle is following her dreams in Hollywood, it is not true that Barack is jealous of his wife. If anything, the former president has been very supportive of Michelle.

In fact, during his recent interview with James Corden, Barack said that he’s been having a blast spending time with his wife and two daughters during the pandemic.

He also grinned when Corden noted that Michelle’s memoir sold more copies than his book, A Promise Land.