Marc Anthony is allegedly worried about his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez.

In its June 9 issue, Closer UK claimed that Anthony and Lopez’s recent meeting centered on discussions about the latter’s relationship with Ben Affleck.

A source claimed that the singer expressed his concern over how quickly Lopez got into a relationship with Affleck shortly after her split from Alex Rodriguez.

“Marc’s a bit worried given Jen’s history of jumping into things quickly and how that might potentially upset the kids. They have been missing Alex, who was like a stepdad to them for nearly four years, so he’s anxious about them getting close to someone else too soon,” the source said.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the source claimed that Anthony has turned to his friends, David and Victoria Beckham for support. This seems unlikely because the Beckhams have no connection with Lopez so they are not the best people to seek advice from about her and her relationship with Affleck.

Still, the tabloid insisted that this is the case. In fact, they went as far as saying that the Beckhams don’t want to take sides when Lopez and Anthony split years ago.

But it’s allegedly inevitable because the Beckhams are good friends with Anthony. Victoria and Lopez, on the other hand, used to be good friends but they haven’t seen each other since the Spice Girls member’s youngest child, Harper was born.

“David is one of Marc’s close friends, so Jen knows Marc often confides in him and Vic about personal things, which of course could include his co-parenting with her. While she’s accepted it, she can’t help feel slightly hurt as she and Vic used to be so tight,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Anthony doesn’t have anything to worry about because Lopez is an adult.

So, if the World of Dance judge wants to date Affleck, it’s entirely up to her.

It is also not true that Lopez quickly jumped into a relationship with Affleck after her split from Rodriguez. After all, the A-listers still haven’t confirmed the real status of their relationship.

Lopez and Affleck dated years ago, and they also got engaged. However, right before the actress walked down the aisle, she and Affleck decided to not push through with their wedding.

Back then, Lopez and Affleck were constantly hounded by the paparazzi and it was a struggle for them.