George Clooney has been accused of stretching himself out too much after he reportedly decided to purchase multiple properties at once.

In its June 14 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Clooney is struggling to juggle his personal and professional lives. After all, he wants to keep purchasing multiple properties for his future investments, but he can’t really focus on real estate because he’s busy filming a new movie.

“George is spinning so many places at once, he seems to be losing his balance – not to mention common sense. He’s taking on new movie projects while hunting for real estate in Italy and France – and it’s painfully apparent he’s stretching himself way too thin,” the source said.

Even though it’s completely unrelated to their dubious claims, the tabloid mentioned the recent controversy that Clooney and his wife, Amal were involved in.

Last month, there were reports that the vineyard that the actor purchased was already owned by someone else.

Even though the actor paid $10 million for the vineyard and the Australian couple paid only $7 million for it, they are still the rightful owners of the property.

A source for the tabloid said that the Clooneys didn’t break any laws when they purchased the winery because they were unaware that someone else already purchased it.

Still, it’s still allegedly a controversy and an issue that the Clooneys need to resolve as soon as possible.

“George and Amal didn’t break any laws, but it’s still embarrassing. Some feel he may have rushed into buying the property,” the source said.

And in another unrelated blow to the actor, the tabloid also mentioned Clooney’s recent partnership with a charity. He is urging his fans to donate cash and one of them will get a chance to dine with him and Amal in their home in Italy.

According to the source, the move doesn’t seem like the actor at all. After all, he has strived to live a private life for years, but he is now opening his home to strangers for donations to his foundation.

However, this is another instance where the tabloid got it all wrong. This isn’t the first time that Clooney offered his fans the opportunity to share a meal with him and Amal. Years ago, he also did the same thing while seeking support for his foundation.