Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez allegedly had a lot of issues in their relationship that led them to eventually call it quits.

In its June 5 issue, Heat UK claimed that towards the last few months of their relationship, Lopez and Rodriguez started having problems with money.

However, this wasn’t because the A-listers didn’t have enough money to spend. Rather, they had too much money but couldn’t agree on how to spend it.

“She was very stressed during those last few months with Alex, partly because of the problems they were having and partly because she felt her status and reputation had taken a knock. They’d both wanted to build a huge brand together, but it had reached a point where they just couldn’t agree on how to spend their money,” the source said.

The insider added that with Ben Affleck, Lopez allegedly feels everything is more natural. And the exes can also relate to each other well.

Since Lopez and Affleck are both parts of the industry, they share a lot of things in common. And once their relationship is confirmed, they will also start teaming up with each other in upcoming projects.

“They’re brainstorming all kinds of commercial partnerships – the sky’s the limit. It’s all about finding the right thing and keeping it classy. They’re so happy to be back together,” the source said.

As of late, Lopez and Rodriguez have not revealed what exactly caused their relationship to end. So, there’s no proof that the exes fought about money towards the latter part of their relationship.

There is also no confirmation that Lopez and Affleck are dating even though they have reportedly been spotted in Miami together.

So, it’s hard to say whether the A-listers are really planning on working together on a future project.

It is important to note that Lopez also recently reunited with her other ex, Marc Anthony. The parents of twins Max and Emme were photographed chatting outdoors.

However, their reunion doesn’t automatically mean that they are back together. So, it’s also possible for Lopez and Affleck to only be hanging out as friends.

Years ago, Lopez and Affleck got engaged. But just days before their wedding, they decided to end their relationship due to the media attention they were receiving.

Back then, the tabloids started calling the couple Bennifer, which is a combination of their first names.