Prince Harry has allegedly decided to return to London to seek justice for his late mom, Princess Diana.

In its June 7 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Harry was furious when he found out that Martin Bashir tricked Princess Diana into giving an interview years ago.

“Harry obviously had deep suspicions about that interview, but to have it spelled out in black and white that a journalist had conned his mom into revealing her most private thoughts was incredibly triggering for him. Harry is seething  - and not even his wife Meghan can reach him when he’s in his head about his mom like this,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Harry wants to pursue criminal charges against Bashir. As well as all the other people that were involved in the controversial Panorama interview.

According to the source, Prince Harry is still upset with Prince William. But the brothers are on the same page when it comes to protecting Princess Diana’s name and legacy.

But while it is true that Prince Harry and Prince William are upset following the findings of the investigation against Bashir, there is no truth to the rumors that he flew to London because of it.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, the tabloids have been saying that Prince Harry might not even be able to return to London for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue in July.

After all, his wife, Meghan Markle is scheduled to give birth in the summer.

So, it’s even more unlikely for him to travel to London right now when he and Markle are already preparing for the arrival of their second child.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry have both released a statement following the investigations on Bashir’s interview.

On May 20, the Duke of Cambridge said that he thinks the deceitful way the interview obtained impacted how Princess Diana responded to Bashir’s questions.

He added that the interview was a major contribution to his parents’ relationship becoming worse and worse, and it has also resulted in hurting other people.

Prince William said that if BBC investigated the matter years ago, it might have not escalated this way.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, thanked those who took some accountability for what they did. He said that this a step towards justice and truth.

However, the Duke of Sussex also said that this practice is still widespread today. And this worries him.