Matthew Perry is allegedly in need of professional help after he spiraled out of control due to his breakup from Molly Hurwitz.

In its June 7 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Perry’s Friends co-stars were shocked to see how old he looked when they reunited on the set of the popular sitcom.

“David in particular was stunned by how much he’s aged and deteriorated. Matt and David feel duty-bound to get him the professional help he needs,” the source said.

During the reunion, the cast of Friends allegedly had a heart-to-heart talk with Perry. And they all told him that they are just there to help him. Perry felt extremely touched by their support.

Throughout the past couple of years, Perry has struggled with drugs and alcohol. But he decided to turn his life around in 2018 after he met Hurwitz.

“Even when he was on Friends, he barely remembered filming some seasons, but once Molly came into his life, Matthew got himself on a straight path,” the source said.

However, shortly after he and Hurwitz got engaged, the latter allegedly decided to call it quits with the actor.

The couple’s relationship allegedly worsened after a TikTok star revealed that Perry messaged her and asked if they could FaceTime.

The reports reportedly shook Hurwitz to the core because she had no idea that Perry was still trying to hook up with other women even though they’re already engaged.

So, she decided to ask Perry for a break. And no one knows if the couple will still be able to mend their broken relationship.

According to the source, Perry is struggling to move on from Hurwitz. And he spiraled out of control after she proposed that they take a break.

The actor’s Friends co-stars are worried that Perry won’t be able to survive the break up, so they are trying to always be there for the actor.

This isn’t the first time that Perry was rumored to be spiraling out of control. When the actor gained weight a couple of months ago, tabloids started claiming that he doesn’t take good care of himself.

And when he started losing weight, the tabloids also claimed that this was because he was also struggling with his addiction.

However, none of these claims are true. Perry looked as good as ever during the Friends reunion. And most importantly, the actor also seemed happy.

It is also not true that Perry and Hurwitz ended their engagement because of a TikToker.