Sarah Ferguson allegedly made a huge promise to Queen Elizabeth to get on the monarch’s good graces.

In its June 7 issue, New Idea claimed that Fergie has been rallying behind the queen even though she and her ex-husband, Prince Andrew have also been embroiled in major controversies.

While speaking with the tabloid, royal commentator Phil Dampier noted that Prince Andrew has always been the queen’s favorite child.

“Despite his fall from grace, he is the one supporting her privately. He and Fergie are frequent visitors to Windsor Castle and Sarah often walks her dogs with the queen,” the source said.

And now that Prince Philip is no longer around, Dampier said that it’s highly likely for the queen to be spending more time with Fergie and Prince Andrew.

Now, another source claims to know what the queen and Fergie talk about during their walks. They allegedly discussed the constant attacks Prince Harry and Markle are making on television.

“Enough is enough. Fergie can’t believe the disrespect that is being shown to the queen,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims seemingly came out of nowhere. After all, no one knows for sure what the queen and Fergie talk about during their private walks.

Since they are not accompanied by other people on the grounds of the queen’s home, their conversations are only between the two of them.

It is also not true that Fergie vowed to make Markle pay after her and Prince Harry’s constant attacks on the queen and the royal family.

The Duchess of York has in fact shown the Duke and Duchess of Sussex her support during this difficult time.

Earlier this month, the mom of two praised Markle for her passion and determination to write a book. Ferguson is also an author of several children’s books that’s why she easily relates to Markle.

Her recent statement about Markle and her book, The Bench proves that she’s not upset with the former royal. She doesn’t also have any plans to make Markle pay in any way.

Ferguson has also had a fair share of controversies in the previous decades. She was previously accused of cheating on Prince Andrew during their marriage.

The Duke of York’s ex-wife was also involved in a major controversy after a photo of her seemingly sucking a man’s toes made headlines shortly after their separation.