Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship seemed like a fairytale when they were still together.

But in its June 7 issue, OK! magazine claimed that this wasn’t really the case in person.

When the cameras are rolling, Rodriguez acted as though he was in love with Lopez. But the truth was, he was more in love with the idea of being in a relationship with a superstar than the relationship itself.

“When the cameras were on, Alex was this adoring partner who doted on Jen. But then he didn’t act like the same person once they were by themselves,” the source said.

The insider also said that Lopez helped Rodriguez’s career because after their relationship made headlines, the baseball star was suddenly everywhere.

Initially, Lopez was thrilled for Rodriguez’s success, but it didn’t allegedly take her very long to feel as though the former athlete was just using her.

“The spark was fading, and it seemed like Alex was more into the showbiz side of things than their romantic connection. It was like he was always more interested in how they were perceived as a couple instead of putting in the work,” the source said.

Since the couple announced their split, a lot of rumors about Rodriguez and Lopez have surfaced. Some tabloids previously claimed that the former still hasn’t gotten over his former fiancée.

Other sources have also been claiming that Rodriguez is upset with how quickly Lopez moved on from him.

However, it is important to note that Rodriguez has not publicly commented on his split from Lopez. So, it’s unclear how he really feels about it.

Still, the tabloid insisted that Rodriguez just used Lopez that’s why it’s been a struggle for him to move on.

However, Rodriguez is also famous in his own right. In fact, he is also a millionaire like Lopez so there’s no reason for him to use the actress.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just concocting stories about the exes as clickbait.

As for Lopez, the singer has reportedly moved on from Rodriguez with her former ex, Ben Affleck. The A-listers were spotted hanging out in Miami.

However, not one publication was able to post a photo of them together. So, there’s really no proof if Lopez and Affleck really spent time with each other in Miami or if the claims are also false.