All eyes are now on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 as it will continue the intense fight between Granolah and Goku. As Vegeta lets the metaseries' protagonist face the new villain alone, it looks like he is just waiting for his time to confront the last of the Cerelian race.

Granolah quickly reveals what he got as he has instantly put Goku down. As he is now the strongest warrior in the universe, can he defeat Goku and Vegeta without the sweat in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73?

Granolah quickly gets the upper hand in the game. Despite the new transformations Goku has, combined with Ultra Instinct, it is still no match for the enemy's ability.

According to BlockToro, he possesses an incredible power that cannot be defeated, holding a set of hazardous techniques. So, to know more about their enemy first, Vegeta tries to gather more information about Granolah before getting into a fight with him.

He may also come to the rescue of Goku as Granolah looks determined to kill the Saiyan. By the looks of it, there is nothing that can stop Granolah and Vegeta's face-off in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72, when Granolah learned of Goku and Vegeta's arrival on Planet Cereal, he quickly sprang into action. As he already experienced being weak in the past, he now prepared himself for a big battleRecent Highlights noted.

Despite the immense power he holds as the strongest warrior in the universe, he still uses his previous abilities, like the energy blasts he welcomed the Saiyans with. Granolah made an impression when he managed to control every blow very well.

He also positioned himself perfectly while shooting the beams. From here, he efficiently floored Goku, though he is yet to unleash the extent of his full ability.

So, Granolah may unleash more of his powers in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73. It looks like Goku and Vegeta will find it hard to keep up with the enemy this time.

Granolah is using an unnamed technique, faster than the instant transmission. He also employs a Hakai-like approach that Goku and Vegeta should be wary of.

Fans are about to see what happens next when the new episode drops on Sunday, June 20, per OtakuKart News. It can be seen on Viz Media and Shueisha's MangaPlus.

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