Prince Harry still has a lot of anger and resentment in his heart when it comes to Princess Diana’s death.

In its May 31 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Prince Harry is secretly blaming Queen Elizabeth for Princess Diana’s sudden demise.

Following his interview on the Armchair Expert podcast, the tabloid claimed that Prince Harry put all the blame on the royal family. After all, he said that he didn’t want to do what he had been doing because of what happened to the Princess of Wales.

“He basically was saying being in the royal family destroyed his mother and ultimately led to her death. A chain of events was set off that the queen seemingly did nothing to stop,” the source said.

The insider added that the queen hopes Prince Harry would think first before he speaks because he’s hurting her and a lot of people along the way.

Her Majesty is still recovering from Prince Philip’s death last month. And she doesn’t deserve any additional stress right now especially from her grandson.

“She’s just so upset – losing her husband and now this? What will Harry and Meghan do next?” the source said.

During his interview, Prince Harry said that he wants to be a better parent to his son, Archie, as well as his future daughter.

After all, even though he experienced a lot of pain as a kid, he knows that part of it came from the pain that his parents experienced. Now that he is a dad, Prince Harry has vowed to break the cycle and ensure that Archie won’t experience the same struggles that he experienced while he was growing up.

However, even though the Duke of Sussex tried his best not to throw shade at Prince Charles during the interview, the latter still allegedly sees him as a villain.

Prince Charles couldn’t help but think that Prince Harry changed and it’s all because of his wife.

The source said that if Prince Harry is still traumatized by the past, he should’ve reached out to his family in order for them to discuss their issues privately. However, Prince Harry keeps throwing shade at them during his interview.

But it is important to note that Prince Harry said that he tried reaching out to his dad about his problems. But when he told them that he’s suffering mentally, they refused to help him out.