Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently made headlines after it was revealed that they met up days after they announced their split.

Now, Heat UK is claiming that the exes decided to meet up because Lopez wanted to make sure that all-out war won’t breakout between them in the coming months.

A source claimed that Rodriguez continues to post positive messages of love and support to Lopez on his social media account. But the former baseball superstar is also aware that his former fiancée has been flirting with Ben Affleck and Josh Duhamel.

So, Lopez just wants to make sure that when the time comes, Rodriguez won’t say that they split because she cheated on him with other men. Rather, it is Rodriguez that cheated on Lopez with multiple women.

The source also claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez’s recent hang out wasn’t peaceful at all.

“It was tense, but overall OK. The message got out there that they’re still on good terms. They’ll likely get together from time to time over the coming weeks to put on a show of unity in front of the kids, as they slowly pull out of each other’s lives. But, ultimately, they’re very much over,” the source said.

In fact, multiple sources have been claiming that Lopez and her other former fiancé, Affleck have been hanging out regularly.

Now, a source is claiming that Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner has no qualms about the A-listers hanging out. After all, Garner’s main concern is that Affleck is being a great dad to their children.

A source also told Entertainment Tonight that Garner doesn’t have anything to worry about because Affleck and Lopez are just friends. And they have been friends since their divorce over a decade ago.

As for Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship, the latter is still allegedly hoping that Lopez would be able to forgive him one day. The baseball star also hopes to rekindle his relationship with the World of Dance judge. Unfortunately, Lopez no longer wants the same thing.

In fact, it seems that Lopez is coping with her breakup well. She recently graced the Vax Live show with her mom, Lupe. And she appeared to be in high spirits.

Lopez also continued her work in the Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic even though she was in the process of ending her engagement with Rodriguez.