Prince William and Kate Middleton have vowed to offer Queen Elizabeth support.

In its May 10 issue, Life & Style claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can’t help but feel worried about the queen. After all, the monarch looks frail after losing a considerable amount of weight since Prince Philip’s passing.

“The queen is putting on a brave face, but behind closed doors, she’s absolutely devastated. She feels so lonely and empty without Philip,” the source said.

To make things worse, the monarch is dealing with even more heartbreak after the death of her longtime friend and racing adviser, Sir Michael Oswald. He passed away on the same day as Prince Philip’s funeral.

Luckily for the queen, she has the support of the entire royal family. And Prince William and Middleton are with her during this difficult time.

The source also said that while the queen was going through the messages of condolences that she received, Prince William and Middleton went about their royal duties. And they even honored Prince Philip during one of their recent outings.

Beyond this, Prince William and Middleton have also been organizing Zoom calls with Her Majesty to make sure that they can check up on her while they are at home. They also ask their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to chat with their great-grandmother.

Additionally, the Duchess of Cambridge also organized gifts and cards to be sent to Windsor Castle. And she also sent the queen a cake that her kids made themselves.

The royal couple was also on hand during the queen’s birthday. Even though she didn’t have a massive celebration, they made sure to greet her on her special day.

According to the source, Prince William and Middleton’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the queen is planning on passing the torch to the Cambridges very soon.

There have been speculations suggesting that the queen will step down from her royal duties now that Prince Philip has died. And there are rumors that instead of appointing Prince Charles as her Prince Regent, she will appoint Prince William instead.

However, these rumors are nothing more than just that. The queen won’t abdicate from her royal duties. And if she had plans to do so, she would’ve already made the announcement after Prince Philip’s death.

And the monarch can’t also appoint Prince William as her Prince Regent because the Order of Succession states that Prince Charles will be her successor.