Elsa Pataky allegedly caught her husband, Chris Hemsworth hanging out and flirting with an Australian beauty.

In its May 10 issue, Life & Style claimed that Hemsworth hung out with Cheyenne Tozzi behind his wife’s back. Since Pataky is busy filming for the upcoming Netflix project, Interceptor she was allegedly shocked when she saw her husband’s photos online.

When the husband and wife finally reunited at home, Pataky couldn’t allegedly help but ask Hemsworth all the questions that she has.

The Thor star allegedly defended himself by saying that it was nothing more than two friends spending time with each other. Hemsworth also pointed out that he was with his kids at the time so nothing happened between him and Tozzi.

Unfortunately, Pataky isn’t convinced. After all, the couple has already been having marital problems throughout the past couple of years.

In the past, the Spanish actress struggled to reach out to Hemsworth because the latter was so busy with work. Sources also claimed that Pataky felt isolated from the world because she had to give up acting to give way to Hemsworth’s flourishing career.

However, the tables recently turned. Pataky is now busier than her husband. And she’s worried that Hemsworth would cheat on her because she’s been busy with work.

“But now that Elsa’s been working more, she’s not always home like she used to be and this little incident was a huge wake-up call. She might trust Chris, but she’s isn’t stupid. Who would want their handsome husband running around with a blonde bombshell?” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be more absurd. Hemsworth isn’t cheating on his wife. And the actor hanging out with a beautiful model doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something going on between them.

While it is true that Hemsworth and Tozzi hung out at the Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Sydney last month, their photos show the two standing a few feet away from each other.

There was also no indication that Hemsworth and Tozzi flirted during their outing. After all, the actor stood close to his children the entire time.

As for Pataky and Hemsworth’s marriage, there’s also no issue there. The couple has been married since 2010. The speculations about their alleged marital problems started after Pataky said that their marriage isn’t perfect.

However, no marriage is perfect and this revelation doesn’t mean that the couple is having problems or that they are on the brink of a divorce.