Johnny Depp is allegedly ready to spill the tea about his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and their tumultuous relationship.

In its May 10 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Depp has been working with his team in detailing a tell-all about the actress.

A source also claimed that Depp is in the final chapters of his tell-all. And he will release it as soon as he’s found innocent by the court.

In the book, the Pirates of the Caribbean alum will reportedly share all his thoughts and feelings about Heard. He will also talk about how his ex-wife made him feel throughout their marriage.

“Johnny feels that Amber never really loved him. His friends warned him not to marry her, but he didn’t listen. And he’s paid a dear price for it,” the source said.

Last year, Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard after the latter penned her 2018 op-ed piece about their marriage. In the article, Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, but she didn’t directly mention the actor’s name.

Still, those who are following the Depp-Heard saga know that the actress is talking about her ex-husband.

In the coming weeks, Depp and Heard will face each other in court as they defend their cases. Sources claimed that the actor will be showing two videos that can prove that he never physically abused Heard.

After all, one of the videos will show how their apartment looked like just before the alleged altercation. And Depp is insisting that Heard staged the scene to make it seem as though they had a physical fight.

“Johnny’s always maintained his innocence and now he’s confident this evidence will prove it,” the source said.

However, the same cannot be said about Depp and Heard’s case last year. The court favored Heard amid claims that Depp is a wife-beater.

The judge that decided the case said that all the signs are showing that Depp hurt Heard physically. She also questioned Depp’s defense after he accused Heard of defecating on their bed.

The judge said that Heard wouldn’t have done something as gross as this because she was also sleeping on the same bed. As such, if she placed dog feces on the bed, she would have had to clean the mess herself.

Meanwhile, even though Depp’s fate hasn’t been decided yet, his fans are already petitioning for his return to Pirates of the Caribbean. The actor was fired after he was accused of domestic violence years ago.