Alex Rodriguez allegedly blamed Jennifer Lopez for his infidelity.

In its May 10 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Rodriguez thinks Lopez was the one that pushed him to cheat. After all, their romance died a long time ago, and they didn’t also have frequent physical contact with each other.

Additionally, the source claimed that Rodriguez also hated the fact that Lopez posed with hunky men because of her job, and this left him feeling insecure.

And when the cameras aren’t rolling, Lopez would also push Rodriguez away to the point that they started sleeping on separate beds months before they announced their split.

“He says it was like dating the ice queen and pities the next guy she ropes in,” the source said.

For her part, Lopez allegedly became disinterested in her former fiancé after learning that he had been texting at least 12 women behind her back. And to make things worse, the former baseball player is usually the one that reaches out to them and starts a conversation.

“Jennifer thought she and Alex had a pretty good connection during their happier times even though she’d likely admit things really petered out toward the end when the lack of trust set in,” the source said.

So, Lopez is allegedly upset that Rodriguez has been talking behind her back when he’s the one that caused their breakup.

While it is true that Lopez and Rodriguez have called it quits, they are both not trash-talking each other. In fact, the two are still friends and they are committed to staying friends for the sake of their children and businesses.

According to People, Lopez was the one who broke up with Rodriguez after she realized that she cannot trust him fully. But despite their split, Rodriguez is still trying to make it up to Lopez.

In fact, the former athlete is reportedly not giving up on his love for the Shades of Blue alum.

Just days after they announced their split, Lopez and Rodriguez were spotted hanging out in New York. The World of Dance judge just returned from the Dominican Republic, where she filmed Shotgun Wedding.

Shortly after their hang out, Rodriguez returned to Miami to be with his two daughters, Natasha and Ella.

Rodriguez also showed off his improved appearance after losing several pounds shortly after his split from Lopez. He reportedly invested in a $4,000 workout regimen that helped him get rid of his dad body.