Ana de Armas has allegedly been dubbed a diva on the set of her Netflix project, The Gray Man.

In its April 26 issue, Life & Style claimed that de Armas’s co-stars are having a hard time working with her. After all, she spends so much in her trailer, and she also refuses to go to the set on time.

“Ana’s got a lot going on. She’s juggling several different projects, as well as photoshoots and phone calls with her team. People don’t stay mad for too long, but they have nicknamed her Ana de Diva,” the source said.

However, the source said that de Armas seems unfazed by all the negativity surrounding her on set. After all, she knows that she’s a huge actress now so her success comes with more responsibility.

According to the source, de Armas also believes that there are worse things than being called a diva.

Still, the Cuban actress can no longer count on the support of her ex-boyfriend, Ben Affleck. After all, de Armas split from the actor after realizing that they are at different points in their life.

According to People, de Armas didn’t want to permanently live with Affleck. However, Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband has no other choice but to stay put because of his three children.

And speaking of his kids, Affleck’s main priority is Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Unfortunately, de Armas doesn’t think that she’s ready to be a second mom to the actor’s children.

But in the months before their split, de Armas has been spending a lot of time with Affleck’s children. In fact, they were photographed together on multiple occasions so it seemed as though things were working out for everyone.

Still, de Armas and Affleck’s split was reportedly amicable. And the exes just want nothing but the best for each other.

Meanwhile, there are also other rumors surrounding de Armas. Last week, National Enquirer claimed that Chris Evans wants to date de Armas.

After working together in Knives Out, Evans and de Armas allegedly developed a strong connection with each other. However, since they were both in a relationship at that time, they weren’t able to pursue each other.

Now that Evans and de Armas are both single, the tabloid claimed that it’s finally the right time for them to date.

Unfortunately, there’s no proof that the A-listers are dating or that they are even interested in each other in that way.