Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are allegedly trying to have a baby.

In its April 26 issue, New Idea claimed that the couple is thinking about how they can have a baby now that the Friends star is already 56 years old.

One of their top options is to hire a surrogate, and they couldn’t allegedly wait to find one.

A source claimed that Cox and McDaid decided to try for a baby after they got separated during the lockdown. Last year, McDaid was stuck in the United Kingdom, while Cox was in the United States.

The nine months that the couple wasn’t able to see each other made them miss each other so much that they now want to have a baby.

Cox also allegedly wants to give her daughter, Coco Arquette a sibling now that she’s already 16 years old.

The actress is allegedly willing to make compromises to make her relationship work. She's open to spending more time in Ireland, and McDaid also wants to spend more time in Los Angeles. Having a baby will also allegedly be a dream come true for the couple. 

Four years ago, Cox opened up about motherhood and her multiple miscarriages during her interview with New Beauty. The actress revealed that she found out that she had an MTHFR gene mutation, which affects her body’s methylation.

As a result, the actress has been suffering from a slew of mental and physical health problems.

Cox also revealed that she’s had miscarriages, and her dad died from cancer. Additionally, depression also runs in their family. And her doctor urged her to change her diet to start taking vitamins regularly.

Jennifer Aniston’s best friend also said that she would love to have another baby. And if it’s possible, she would also be willing to carry someone else’s egg. Cox added that it’s an experience that she wants to have with her boyfriend.

In 2019, the actress also revealed during her Facebook Watch web series that she conceived Coco via IVF.

However, Cox never said that she wants to have a baby with McDaid via a surrogate. And if the couple is having these kinds of conversations, they are most likely taking place privately. So, it’s evident that the tabloid is just speculating on the actress’s baby plans.

And just like her, Cox’s best friend Aniston has also been rumored to be wanting to have a baby. But unlike Cox, The Morning Show star allegedly wants to adopt a baby from an orphanage in Mexico.